Friday, September 12, 2008

Hieuston vs. Ike

We're going to be staying in town (at the homestead) as the storm blows through. Being far enough in town not to be hit by the surging waters of the Gulf, we'll probably see street flooding from the downpour and the overflowing storm drains.

No worries though, the balcony's been dusted off and the critters have their vittles. We still have the water and dry good from the last two hurricane scares that turned out to be nothing. And there's gas in the cars should we absolutely need to get somewhere.

We have a friend still on the island taking photos. My brother and his fiance (and puppies) are safely in the Metroplex. The Browns are tucked away out by the Beltway. Nicholas' family have boarded up. So, all there is to do now is watch for the massive rain and winds.

Stay tuned for more exciting hurricane news from Downtown Hieuston.

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