Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Math + Science = Engineering

In this morning's SME newsletter, there's an article on "rebranding" the Engineering image.

...the image of engineering is suffering "despite great efforts and massive expenditures to...draw youngsters to the profession."

Hmm, I wonder why
The report found that there is a "strong association in the mind of the public between competency in mathematics and science and the ability to become an engineer."

You don't say.
The committee noted that "[a]dults and teenagers 'appear to consider this a negative."

Math and Science as negatives. Or is Competency the negative. Let's see. All the subjects we are exposed to in grade school: english, social studies, math, science, and physical education are pretty integral in our every day lives. Without them, we would not read, understand politics, balance our check books, have allergy meds, and be fatter than we already are.

So my question is why are math and science negatives? Is it because they're scary? Is it because they're "exact"? Is it because the teachers don't know what the hell they're doing? Is it because parent's don't know what the hell any of that stuff is either?

When I was in 3rd grade and still adding and subtracting, my dad thought I was lying to him because everywhere else in the world, everyone else my age knew their multiplication tables.

When I took driver's ed, we watched a film on the physics of car crashes. The kids in there didn't ''get it''. How does one drive a car, a 3000lb weapon, and not know understand its potential?

Watched Mythbusters' once and had someone remark that it was math and they didn't get it.
It's math on the Discovery Channel, people. Not math in NASA's board room.

Math and Science are not negatives, folks.

Math and Science are integral to our every day lives. The millions of pills we all take a day, the crap inside of them is science, the amount you take, that's math. That corn juice you put in your car, your car itself, science. What you pay for it, that's math.

Math and Science is not scary. What is scary is the people that walk around thinking Math and Science is scary. These people drive next to you on the highway, make your latte in the morning, and prepare your kids food at the day care.

Competency is the negative here. Because the citizens of this fine country are not willing to push their robot loving kids when it comes to the classroom. Just because you don't know what's going on, doesn't mean they shouldn't. And another thing, make sure your rug rats know how far it takes to stop a car going 50 miles per hour when they hit the brakes before you let them get into the car. Better yet, have them learn how to change a tire, check fluids, and change the oil before you let them use yours. And stop being stupid.

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