Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Luce on the 4th

Miss Lucy Heinz Bradshaw the III
Originally uploaded by Tygriss.

Friday before last, we spent the holiday with Nick's family. It was sunshiny as we left downtown, but 25 miles down the road the blue sky turned charcoal black real quick. Cool winds turned into fat drops of rain. Slowed to about 20mph and pulled the cloth top up. A big plus for the cloth top. (If I had gotten the power hard top, I would have had to come to a complete stop before the mechanism would even consider popping up.)

But enough about my awesome car.

This little trip to Nick's home was fun. The grilling highlight for me was the seasoned corn. I need to find that recipe - it involved peppers, garlic, cilantro, jalapenos, and butter. Mush, spread, grill and enjoy. And, for the first time ever, Miss Lucy Heinz Bradshaw the III let me get close enough to take a picture of her and her extra long tongue! Here she is in her Alvin High School Blanket and couch pillows.

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