Monday, July 21, 2008

Food bowl attacks!

Nick comes home today after work to find the food bowl and part of the food bowl stand missing.

There's a leg. And there's another leg under the dining table.

And there's scattered dry food. Everywhere.

A bowl.

But the rest of the food bowl stand, and another food bowl are missing.

He looks, and he looks.

And there it is.

Under the bed. With Peanut's tags attached.

Apparently under one of Nutters routine 40 trips to the food bowl, his tags were caught in the stand. His struggle to free himself took him through the dining table, around the living room, and under our bed ripping out his tags from his collar. Poor guy. So traumatized, as soon as Nicholas got the food bowls all set up again, Peanut stopped in for another therapeutic snack.

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BardyTheGnome said...

I wish i could has kitties, or some other animals at my apartment....

stupid lease