Monday, June 2, 2008

Sand Sculpting on Saturday

Final Product
Originally uploaded by Tygriss.

My company entered the AIA Sandcastle Competition this year out on Galveston's East Beach. Nicholas and I sketched out the design of a simplistic downtown Houston skyline and a ball representing sports at the center that was unanimously selected for this year's entry. It was a theme we carried out through the t-shirt and sign designs for the team. (Nick's an expert in Illustrator now!) We definitely had the best shirts out there. Check out the rest of the photos from our build here.

Our friends Josiah and J&A came out to enjoy the experience with us bringing much needed breakfast food and sunscreens. A big thanks to you guys for spending your Saturday with us! And an extra big hug to Nicholas' family who came out to cheer us on! It made the day special.

We cut out early due to near heat-induced-coma-like conditions and recouped with some iced gulf shrimp at Galveston's oldest restaurant, Gaido's. Highly recommended.

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