Sunday, June 22, 2008

M words

Talked to my little sis earlier today about our upcoming nuptials. Dates, places, and so forth. Threw around ideas and the like. It's the real deal. Exciting Stuff!

Over on my college best friend's page, she write about how marriage is such a sham. Shattered dreams, lots of money wasted on rock chips and metal, a dress that would only fit for one 12 hour instant in your life, and a binding contract with someone who could easily end up not being 'forever' material.

Yeah, I had dreams of a beautiful wedding. Me in a king size fitted sheet, plastic flowers, crawling around under the dining table that was my castle cathedral. All my beloved stuffed animals in my audience. Koolaid drinks and cracker hors d'oeuvre.

I also dreamed of one day being an asthma-free super hero. That's not happening either.

So, I might not have the celebrity wedding of the year, but I will have a celebration letting my friends and family know that I found the special someone who's willing to split the dinner bill with me for the rest of my life. Someone to help with the laundry if I promise to do the dishes. And someone who'll let me squeeze his hand in a scary movie. Don't think I could ask for more. We'll see how it goes from here. :-)

*m words = marriage, men.

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Rafael said...

Congratulations on getting engaged.