Sunday, February 24, 2008


It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm on my couch avoiding work. So, I thought I would share with you, my whole 2 readers in the intarwebworld, the other such fun postings I read and get inspired by:

1) Zina. Great leader of the Pirate Monkey Cult. I found her site back in college and have been reading ever since. And her recent adventures* is what puts her at the top of my list. (*Start from the bottom)

2) The Pates. Two Texans living in Denmark. Every morning before work, I do a little traveling through their camera.

3) A real weblebrity: ljc. She makes the neatest things, bakes delicious goodies, and she has a pug and a kitty. We read her page daily, and so should you.

4) DisneyMike. I found his site when I was in school, too. He takes some great pictures. I mean really great pictures. The kind that make you wish your camera gave you super-shot super powers.

5) And then there's Nicholas. He tells stories. About people I know and places I've been. But more funnier than I tell them.

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Nichole said...

YAY! I got my name on your blog...AGAIN! Once I have a spare moment I'm totally going to check out those other blogs! :)