Saturday, February 16, 2008

Phone = Phood

At about 7 this morning, I heard the familiar sound of change jingling over by the dresser. And then some nom-nom sounds on plastic. I got up to see a little Peanut fiddling with Nicholas phone in the de-thinging tray, shoo'd him away and crawled back into bed.

Turns out, the boys were hungry. They were used to being fed at 7 in the morning during the week, and didn't fancy us sleeping in as their tummies rumbled. Peanut must have figured out that food came shortly after Nicholas' phone vibrated at 7am. Since it hadn't vibrated this morning, food wasn't going to be served. So he found his way onto the dresser and tried to revive said phone in the hopes of summoning foods.

And this whole time we thought he was just a box of rocks. Turns out, there's some grey matter in those rocks.


Rafael said...

Pavlov in action

Hieu said...

Yup! Now I need to find a way to have him clean his own litter box for food.