Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For the love of the little guy

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It was about to be that time of year for the boys. Time for a checkup and obligatory anti-cootie shots. Nicholas got them in their going-out clothes and I met them at the vet’s office yesterday. Peanut turned out to be the lady’s man. Soft as a bunny and oh-so-cute. His checkup went well. He gained a little weight and got a little longer it seems. Vivi’s checkup wasn’t so happy. He got the regular checkup plus butt-squeeze (to avoid future butt-sack ruptures). He also had to get blood work done to check for abnormalities that may be causing his IBS.

Lessons learned from this trip: Peanut does not like car rides. He has a genuine fear of the outside.

Today, Nicholas is taking Vivi back for more definitive tests and re-hydration. It seems that his thyroid readings were “questionable” which could be the reason why he’s been leaving puddles of pee in inappropriate places. We shall see. I love my little old man. It’s been 11 years. He better be around for another 20.

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