Friday, January 18, 2008

Hugs & Kisses

hugs & kisses
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Peanut's become so much more lovable in the past three months. A lot of it I think comes from me being incredibly sick* and spending a lot of time in one place with hands for petting. He's learned to actually eat from my hand instead of licking treats until they fall apart and end up all over the floor. And he has a t-shirt now. Yes he wears it with out fussing. And no he doesn't look pathetic. He looks adorable.

Peanut would like to send the world his love. From his cow.

*I've been icky since the middle of November. It never really went away, until shortly after I used up all my sick leave at work. Then I coughed up my innards until only my stomach and the acid it contained were the only things left. Slowly I started building up working innards kinda like video game heros build up life hearts. I felt almost perfect at Nick's graduation, but then he was in Alvin for a bit and brought home teen-bred nasties and I got sick all over again. The meds got me back on track but low and behold, a week later he went back to Alvin, and brought back yet another souvenir. And here I am, once again, on the brink of getting better. Taking meds that are evidently not working well with each other and causing parts of my insides to fail miserably. But the coughing has toned down and the headaches are mild. My finger nails will eventually all fall out and the acid that is refluxing will eventually sizzle through to my lungs... Kinda like a game over.. and I can start all over again. Yaa me!

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