Sunday, November 18, 2007


The weather. I've been under it for the past week. It started with what I thought were allergies and a few early morning sniffles. Then became a full blown upper respiratory adventure, reminiscent of my last Christmas drama, I Might Be Dying 2005.  A week of jitters from the breathing treatments and horse pills have left me in much better condition - complete with the sexy phlegm voice and smoker's cough. Hopefully, I can lose the cough and be presentable for the Turkey weekend.

Spending the week at home has given me a lot of time to enjoy my apartment. Even if I didn't have the energy to clean it. My couch, and my extra huge bathroom. There's no place like home. Still amazes me how living in a hotel for 8 months can really make you appreciate little things. 

Speaking of little things, it's raining outside. A nice soft rain. The kind that comes straight down in tiny droplets and the thunder rolls in ever so softly. I like rain. There's supposed to be meteor showing tonight of the Leonids in the southeastern sky. Don't think I'll be going out to see it. That's the one thing about the big city, you miss these things.

Big plans coming up for the Turkey Holiday, as usual. Nicholas comes back to spend time with family and to meet his new nephew.  I get to surprise him with my latest mutilation of one of his hobby bits . Then my bro and his fiance travel up from G-Town to celebrate with the rest of the family.  It'll be nice. I hope yours are just as nice.

Be safe out there, people. Watch out for crazy drivers. Stay away from deep fried turkey experiments. 

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TheQuotient said...

Hope you feel better now.