Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey '07

This year's Thanksgiving weekend was a record breaking 4 get-togethers with friends and family. It all started out with a mad dash to the Bed Bath and Beyond Reason for a 'tater masher and seasonings for our rendition of Marcus' sweet'ater curry soup. Couldn't pass up the $2 googlie eyed masher!

Tater Masher

Then it was off to see the family. We had dinner with mom and with dad. There were snow-flurries on Thanksgiving Day. Jackie had the most stylish doggie jacket!

Mr. Jack & Phu

Then we drove back home to meet Nicholas' new nephew, Bruce. Bruce the Neus. The most agreeable little guy ever. Complete with theCutestButtonNose and teeny fingers.

How you doin?

And we finally had a chance to catch up with J&A and theBrowns for Gumbo-y goodness.

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