Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shiny happy slimy things!

My aquarium plantage has slowly being eaten away. And on a consulting trip to the Fish Gallery to ask if my new itty bitty algae eaters were the monsters responsible, I found a whole slew of new and exciting creatures to add to my growing collection!

I also found out it wasn't the teeny algae eaters, my plants were apparently under nutriented. That or the guys wanted to sell me more smelly stuff to put in the water.

I did actually go home with two khuli loaches. I apparently need a third, according to popular sources. But I also found out that this cool little aquarium store has all kinds of shrimp in all kinds of colors! Red, blue-ish grey, orange, peppermint striped, all kinds! I'm going to pick up a little tank and start me a collection of these little critters!

And a puppy. But I think Nick'll say no. To a puppy, not my shrimps. Shrimps = Good.

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