Friday, September 28, 2007

Floating the SS Bitter

There were somethings we used to ask mom permission for that we didn't ask dad, and vice versa, because we knew the other would say no. It was much easier to say "well mom said we could" and get in trouble later, than to be shot down to begin with.

And back in days of daycare , if the other child wouldn't share the red marker he was useing right away, there was always that kid that would ask teacher for the red marker, and she'd make the poor kid hand it over, even if he wasn't done.

Some of us associate these little manipulations with grade school. The time before we learned to share and be fair and wait our turn. A time well before we understood patience, and codes of ethics.

Some of us with real jobs still act as if we were still in grade school and never learned to wait our turn. Never learned patience, sharing, or ethics.

Being the better person sometimes means being a bitter person. I'd rather be bitter and be better than a 3rd grader in their late 20's who can't get anything done without their mama.

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