Monday, September 10, 2007

Catching up

By posting a thousand words at a time. HAA!

So it's been a busy busy last few... long times. In which I've been rained on. To the point where buildings disappear. And then magically reappear

The Rains The Sunset

Pretty cool trick huh?
Vivi's turned into a photo celebrity while finding a new home on my new ottoman. The little guy's gotten bigger. He's put on some muscles. Muscles that require lots of food and produce lots of gas and apparently require lots of sleep... on my binders.

Nicholas was home and we did some sightseeins around the town. Met up with his family for a birthday celebration for his Aunt. There was also dinner with his Grandparents at what I will call the BEST Olive Garden in all of Texas. And then we caught up with the Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile but no one was home.
The Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile


Michael (TheQuotient) said...

Glad you're back =}

Nichole said...

That is a beautiful sunset! I must find this "The Best Olive Garden in all of Texas"...sounds delightful!

Hieu said...

This Olive Garden is off of 288 in Pearland (a little south of Houston). Hmm... now I want to go back already!