Friday, August 17, 2007

-- crickets --

*tap tap tap*

this thing still on?


well hello world. hello. did you guys see me on the news tonight? well, not me exactly, but my little neighborhood. same thing. tropical storm erin stopped in and donated a gracious "9 inches" of rain. they say 9 inches. tell that to the guy who's impala drowned a block from my office. either an inch got really big, or his car shrunk. it looks like i get to see my first* hurricane in a few days!! woo hoo! a grand opportunity to actually go out and get groceries. finally. man, am i getting lazy.

so last week, i met a gentleman from austin and we started talking. after a few minutes he sat back and smiled a genuine smile and said, "wow. you really should write a book!" he would be the nth person who's said that. i think i should write a book. then i know me and sometimes i think i shouldn't. because then i'd say things that would make people upset. because i say things just how i see them. i save the sugar sweetness for my ice tea**.

i think i'd write a bit about the annoyances of people living in their own world. people that better deal their friends for some joe they randomly met. people that cancel because there was rain in spain. people who can't go anywhere by themselves. like you leave for lunch or happyhour and they follow you because they assume they're invited. and the worst: people that make up shit in their heads. saying they know that chick that dressed up as a character at a con. or predicting my mood based on my jewelry choice. or my favorite: 'knowing' where i'm spending my honeymoon.

but i'd also write about fun things. like how my dad took me out during the eye of a hurricane and i totally expected to see a huge bloody eyeball in the sky... but instead was very disappointed. haa, i have to find those pictures.

hmm. hurricane dean won't get here for a few days. which means i still have to work tomorrow. meh. must sleep.

* I was around for Eloise, Frederic, and Alicia when I was younger.
** Little known fact: When it comes to packets of sugar for glass of iced tea, they tend to number in the multiples of 3. Note, i said multiples.

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