Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Trucks Are Fun Part I

I ran an errand after work, seeing if I can truly maneuver the Big Red Beast through rush-hour traffic. Didn't go far, but enough to realize... I sit taller than 95% of the vehicles out there. Taller than the typical SUV and most F0rd trucks. Which made me grin a little. Enough that I wanted to take out my camera and take a shot through the windshield. :-)

So the fun came after my excursion and while I was on my way home. I learned that in Big Red, I didn't have to go fast, people generally steer clear of large vehicles... and if they can see me, large vehicles driven by an asian girl.

This white F0rd-ish SUV pulled up next to me at the light and gunned it when it turned green to pull in front of me. Funny enough it turned, and I turned. Then it pulled up to the gate at the complex. It couldn't get the gate to open. So it tries to back out. But I'm behind the damn thing and can't go back any further because the ass end of Big Red is already nudging the road. An angry senseless redhead jumps out of the SUV and storms towards the truck, rethinks her stupidity and gets back in her seat. I wait till traffic clears and move back so she can whirl herself around. People who can't get through gates are like the people in the Visa commercials that pay with cash.

So she gets back out on the road and makes a u-ie to try again, making ugly faces as she drives by. It turns out the remote receiver isn't working on the in-gate. But it works on the out-gate. So I go in the out. If the red-headed ass-hat tried that, she wouldn't have had to be so angry. Or maybe she shouldn't have tried to get in front of me in the first place. Silly people.

And for those who've asked: No, I can't back in. :-)

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