Saturday, May 12, 2007


There was a gentleman playing his acoustic guitar in the grocery store the other day. His bare fingers plucking away at the strings brought back memories of my dad playing his guitar. My dad was a student back then, and playing his acoustic guitar was his way of relaxing. He would play old vietnamese ballads, songs by the Ventures and the Beatles, and lullaby's for my little brother. And ever since then, the sound of an acoustic has been very special to me. On a trip home from college, I took one of his guitars back with me, so I could play a few notes whenever I was homesick. I can't play very well at all, but it helped to make the days go by a little nicer. Like when I had to have allergy shots every other day. Dad would sing to me and play his guitar so I would forget about the ouches.

Funny how the sound of a guitar -even in a grocery store- can bring back childhood memories.

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