Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bob and B.J.

Lots have been happenin' on thePorch at Chateau de Hu! Back on the 5th if you scroll a bit, a dove couple (I named them the Birdies) made a nest on my Lemon Thyme plant and laid two teeny eggs.


Nick-o-lus being the resident bird expert, taught me many things about birds such as egg-rolling (it's not just for asians anymore!). I also learned how not to make birds mad as I water my plants... water as far away as possible. And not to open umbrellas, they don't like umbrellas.

Fifteen days after the laying of the eggs, little furry beings emerged from their shells. And we had Birdie Jr. (B.J.) and Bob*.


Of course, Nick was the only lucky one who got to see them in their teeny extra fuzzy cute form. I was at work all day and only got to see them tucked underneath Mr or Mrs Birdie - depending on who had diaper duty.

First Peek

It wasn't until 6 days after they hatched that I got to see them not as fuzzy lumps! They were being fed and I could finally see their teeny eyeballs in their teeny heads! B.J. doesn't care too much for pictures during lunch time.

Feeding Time

We had a few days of heavy rains, a couple of big storms came through over the Memorial holiday weekend and several showers here and there. Nick tried to keep the little family sheltered with an umbrella and ended up scaring the bejesus out of Mrs Birdie and she took off until he put it away. It's starting to look like Bob and B.J. are getting some feathery-ness on their quills, so they're more "bird" looking than "nakey bird" looking :-)


Here's a good shot of Mr Birdie and Bob. Mr Birdie resembles a football player in that he has no neck to speak of. And Bob's just outgoing and he really likes the camera. We have high hopes for Bob.

Well that's it for now, more on the home renovations & other fun tid bits next time. cheers!!

*Bob's name is sort of one of those family traditions. In my family, Bob's been the name of quite a few random critters. In my extended family, Bob's also been the name of siblings prior to birth.

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