Saturday, May 5, 2007

Being Busy

I haven't been sitting down to write much. Mostly busy with redecorating and spending time away from a screen. But, I do have a lot to share. Funny stuff. Like the chick who can't grasp the concept that her ass is growing despite the lateral stretch folds on her slacks. Poor thing needs to invest in a full length mirror to avoid fashion faux pas such as revealing the cottage cheese state of her buttocks. Or the restaurant server who was as high as a kite and could barely open her eyes when she took our order. I know they had to at least pay her enough to afford a small bottle of visine, so she could attempt to open her eyes... daaayam.

There was a tornado warning. I learned the Peanut does not like storms. They scare him. He makes these sounds. I was also reminded that he is still quite capable of some eyeball melting potent poo sessions. Note to self: special salmon treats for him = level 3 hazmat head gear for me.

And that's about it. For now. :-)

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