Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New Spring Shoes

Someone sent around an email at work today urging women to please assess the state of their feet before donning this spring's new line of fashionable sandals as no one wants to see callousy heels and vienna sausage toes.

On that note I ask that that women avoid the toecrack.

I had come across these wonderfully cute closed toe pumps. Unfortunately the top part of the pump barely covered passed the second knuckles of my toes, leaving me with severe toecrack. Between all 5 toes. Here's a visual aid: Take your left hand and hold it out in front of you. Take your right and and lay it across your left hand covering just between where your fingers connect and the next set of knuckles. Now squeeze with your right hand. See the little creases between your fingers on your left hand? Imagine teeny buttcracks. :-)

1 comment:

Nichole said...

LOL. I enjoyed the interactive description. Just say no to toecrack, we must spread the word!