Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Well Hello!

We have been out of pocket.
And apparently out of coins, too. We re-discovered the need for change as it pertains to downtown parking and meters.
We have also been busy reconstructing the homestead and it is quite presentable, though not in its current state. It could be after a few minutes of tidying.

For added value and entertainment, I give you the meme assigned by Sheik Yerbouti:

Three names that I go by:
- Hieuy
- Hoo
- Harley

Three things I like about myself:
- Being able to make people smile
- My artistic ability
- My ninja-tastic skills

Three things I don't like about myself:
- My allergies
- My recurring asthema
- The jiggle in my butt

Three parts of my heritage:
- Vietnamese
- Pho*
- Springrolls*
*We are what we eat, are we not?

Three things that scare me:
- Loud noises
- Doctors offices
- The sound the scary girl made in The Grudge

Three of my everyday essentials
- Petting the kitties
- Internet
- Long shower

Three things I'm wearing right now
- Necklace from Nicholas
- Red peek toe slingback patent leather pumps
- My Tag

Three of my favorite bands
- U2 pre-96
- Duran Duran
- Lauren Hoffman

Two Truths and a Lie
- My first concert was VH's free concert in Dallas' West End
- I used to be goth and wore fake vampire fangs
- My highschool sweetheart and I are best friends

Three things I want to try in the next 12 months
- Living in the same city as Nicholas for more than a week
- To fit into my nice clothes
- A road trip that involves a bed and breakfast

Three things I need in a relationship
- Mental stability of the other party. An anchor for the whirlwind that is my imagination.
- Action. I have counted enough thoughts for a life time.
- A Best Friend

Three things I can't do
- Tolerate screaming kids in a restaurant
- Ride rollercoasters without wanting to pee myself
- Sleep in everyday

Three people who should also answer these questions
- Skitch
- Nicholas
- Raf