Thursday, February 15, 2007

lesson for the day

Happy is the woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

That was a quote on a photograph I saw perusing through random Flickr submissions.

However, self confidence is a dangerous thing. It leads to friendliness. And being friendly is often mistaken for flirting.

Girls, a genuine smile and asking how someone's day went will get you asked to dinner - even if there's a rock on your finger that cost more than his truck.

And guys, telling the girl at the checkout counter to have a nice day will make you the center of her world. And the rest of us have to hear about it.

Learn from the astronauts, there is nothing to be gained from being friendly.*

*the actual lesson is: women are crazy folk. trust me, i know.


Nichole said...

LOL.. It's funny because it is so true!!

Hieu said...

Haa haa, oh it is!