Friday, January 5, 2007

This year...

This year will be a new new year. With cutting edge improvements including microfibers that lift and separate! Relax with top of the line innovation plus pay no interest until 2008. You’re in Hieu-country now.

Resolution for 2007, there will be no resolution. Second resolution for 2007, there WILL BE no resolution. And with this, I will be successful. Resolutions, in the Hallmark™ sense of the word, rarely get done. If they did, at the end of any given year, we’d have no use for Weight Watchers, gyms and online dating services.

Isn’t having a resolution to not have a resolution actually a successfully broken resolution from the get go? See nerdification below...

Day = 0
Resolution = “Something wild and fanciful”
While Day < 365 do Day = Day + 1
If Day = 1 then
Resolution = “None”
Else If Day <365
Continue on with life
Check If Day = 365 and Resolution = None
Then Successful year
See you next year

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