Sunday, January 28, 2007

now is always a good time

Missed me?

My contribution to the mid-day procrastination cookie tray has been few and far between. There's not been much to write about. Which is good. That means, run-in with the idiots of the village are few.

Well work's been fun. I have a few things on my platter which required me to put an extra day in at the office yesterday - a Saturday. First Saturday I spent at work in my life, ever, where I didn't want to bang my head against a brick wall. Except that telemarketing job I had in Austin. Working on a Saturday there was... fun. One of those 'nature of the job' things, you see. So yes. I like my job these days. More acurately, I love what I do for a living.

What do I do? Simply put, I draw pictures on the computer and print them on really large pieces of paper. And shuffle them.

I've started playing tennis again as of last week. Some of my co-workers enjoy the sport and to make it even better, just across the street is a set of courts we can play on. If I can find someone different to play with me everyday, I think I'll be set. I love tennis.

The apartment is coming along. It goes through several stages of organization and disarray. This place is awesome. It's just right for me and my boys.

Speaking of the boys, Peanut got a bath today. Vivi's a bit jealous. Or he prefers the Peanut to have that kitty b.o. smell to the fresh clean scent of pet shampoo. They're on mostly canned food these days. It seems to agree better with their furry tummies. Vivi's started to talk more this weekend. The good weather's gotten him conversational.

I ran across some mp3's I forgot I had and found some Carlos Mencia skits. I laughed. They reminded me of the late night trips to the field with the Junction crew. Watching the sun go down behind the mountains and watching it come up again. Wishing we could stop by and grab a breakfast burrito. But no one knows what those are out in the boonies. Then I remembered how that was the one job I went on where I had the most fun. I never want to do that again.

Ah well. I'm here. Bills are paid. Kitties are fed. All is good in Hieuston. Good night, world.

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