Thursday, December 28, 2006

XMAS Getting Part Tres

:: giggle ::
Getting is FUN!

Holiday traditions have changed up over the years now that all of us are out of college and the finally moved back to Texas and have jobby jobs. Vacations are limited (as in my case) or they're saved up for the exotic trip to the Orient (as in my parents' case). Eventually, we'll get back on the hallmark tradition home visiting, excessive cooking, and other such festivities.

So this year, I spent my Holi(one)day(only) with Nicholas and his family. Christmas day we drove down to see his ParentalUnit & Co. for feastage and more presents goodness. Nicholas gave me a gorgeous bracelet, and his family gifted me with smellygoods and foodage related goodness. An added bonus: his family got to see him decked out in slacks and a tie.

The ever gracious A&J gifted me with some french boobie creme and a massage at this place down the road. I really just wanted to say boobie creme. She really did get me some, though. Boobie. Creme. The Dark Lord made me a very sexxilicious chainmaile necklace and K'Nerts saved my digital soul with a very much needed hard drive.

Now for the fun part: Things that I got for others that got great kudos
--Personalized stationary stuffs from Stationery Studio
--Geekie goodness from ThinkGeek
--Fun stuff that I used to be able to get in Austin at ToyJoy, I found at Perpetual Kid

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