Tuesday, November 14, 2006

XMAS Shopping Part Uno

How's your holiday shopping going?

So, with the new boyfriend came some new friends and family to add to the list. There's also the siblings and their boyfriend and girlfriend. And what makes it even better? I have a jobby job that is conducive to the full on gift giving.

And, thanks to the oilfield, I have learned to love the goodness that is shopping online. No more standing in line at the cash register while CrazyLady(TM) haggles the price of a mismarked pair of hideous gloves. Now it's all clickie 'n' pay and it's even delivered to my office. I only burn about 50 calories, but I'm not tempted by mall cookies either.

Here are my rules for this holiday:
  1. Compose list
    1. family
    2. might as well be family
    3. family friends
    4. friends
  2. Designate spending amount per category - staying w/in a reasonable limit
    1. $15-$20 - you'd be surprised what you can find for under $15
    2. $20-$40 - don't out do yourself
    3. $40-$100 - the 'about time you got them something' gift
  3. Avoid these at all cost
    1. the nth pair of gloves/socks/slippers you know they'll never wear
    2. dust collectors - you know exactly what i mean
  4. Don't forget
    1. The to me from me gift. Because chances are, no one's gonna know you wanted it or there's no way in hell they're gonna get it for you.
    2. Wrap it up, and open it with all the other presents or it won't be special.

*Hint: #1 & #2 are best done in excel.
Stay tuned for more Hieustapher Goes Shopping. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

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