Wednesday, November 15, 2006

XMAS Giving Part Dooce

K, so you know how much yer gonna spend. Whaddya spend it on??

If you're crafty and can whip up some scripty goodness, and people will tell you what they want. Or you can ask up front, and they will say, "a pony*!" ... I'd say pony.

I'm not as crafty as some with the gift making, but if I were, I'd do packets of killer cookies with the gifts that I'm giving this year. Maybe next year.

Things I got last year and stuff I found that totally rock:
  • New home? Relocated peeps need smelly goods. My sister got me an awesome incense burner with some fantabulous flavors, a set of matches in a cute box, and fridge magnets.
  • New graduate? Doesn't always mean new job. And, the unstable price of gas calls for a gas card. It takes up amazingly little space, package it with a sexxy tiny mercedes hotwheel and a swank personalized keychain and you got yourself a winner.
  • And for those like my little sis who love to be "useless" as she calls it, things that encourage uselessness are the best.
Now I just have to find something to wrap these things up with!

*These days, a pony is more likely going to be hi-def tv, the latest attack suv-hicle, or to take their kids/family away for a week.

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