Tuesday, November 7, 2006

v o t e

Stickers, lawn signs, tv commericals, flyers, the guy at the office, every other blog - all encouraging everyone to get out and vote.

Like every law abiding citizen, I changed the address on my driver's license and filled out numerous change of address forms for every possible post office that may still be getting mail for me. And even with my new driver's license, proof of insurance, bills, and the latest issue of the VS catelog as proof of me living here, I can't vote unless I drive to Lubbock.

Even with a new driver's license with my new address, people.

:: I could update my registration info online, but I'd need my old driver's license, and it's against the law to have two in your possession. Even if I broke that law, it would take 30 days to kick in the change.

:: I could go fill out a form, fill out the ballot, and maybe they'll count it. That's right - maybe.

:: I could wonder why stuff like voter registration isn't linked to my driver's license in the first place.

It wasn't just me either folks. Found out 3 of 4 people I spoke to today had the same problem. Go figure. One was even asked to leave.


Rafael said...

That bites ass. Who'd have thought it would be so difficult to vote

Anonymous said...

Yep, my change voter's registration change didn't go through like my driver's licence did...back in July!


At least J got to vote.