Monday, November 20, 2006


let's see... friday was a surprise party for a very surprised individual. funny thing of note: the nice new home we were in did *not* have a peep hole in the door. who doesn't have a peep hole in their front door?? saturday, one of my students from tech came up and we hit the houston zoo and taco milagro for dinner. i have to say the fort worth zoo kicks houston zoo's ass. i will give the h-town zoo two stars for having a gorgeous snow leopard and baby jaguars. sunday, tiff and i ventured out to the renaissance festival again for some holiday shopping. i got for myself a great pair of deerskin gauntlets i saw there when we went last month. it may never get cold enough to wear them, but oh do they feel like buttah on my skin!

it'll be a short week this week with the deep fried turkey day coming up. everybody be good, drive safe, sleep lots.


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