Monday, November 6, 2006

Oot n Aboot

Sergio came down from D-town to visit and we had some killer catfish at his friends' home Friday night. We got to see first hand what happens when one thinks one should make hush puppies, when one does not know how. :-) Saturday, he learned the beauty that is the "Inner Loop" and why those in theLoop(TM) rarely leave theLoop(TM) with a trip to nasa. Sunday, we went to Baba Yega for brunch and spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the Rothko Chapel and the Menil. I thought the Rothko was awfully cold, but that could have been the overcast skies and lack of color inside - I respond better to colors. The collections in the Menil were interesting - I saw my first real Warhol. I didn't care to much for the spy-like personnel following my everystep as if I were going to raise a leg and pee on a sculpture.

All and all, I'm impressed with all the there is to do in this town. I think I have enough, just in the loop alone, to keep me busy every weekend for the next 5 years. ;-)

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