Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Dad called over the weekend to ask if I wanted my Christmas gift early. He'll be heading home for the holidays to visit my grandmother. Familial politics isn't allowing me the opportunity to join him on this trip. I hope to beable to make the trip home on my own to see her before that opportunity passes.

He says of the gift will keep me out of trouble and make me a hero.... I wonder what it is! Here are my guesses:
--windup LED flashlight

Nick says it's a shovel... any ideas?


Rafael said...

I think it's a farting teddy bear

Tygriss said...

somehow i don't see a farting bear being of help :-)

TheQuotient said...

A new pair of samBas.

Nick said...

hey... i said it was a whopping shovel.

thats a very special kind of shovel.

its made for beating. not digging.

Tygriss said...

Oooo sambas. The Official Hero Shoe.