Sunday, November 26, 2006

Celebration of Turkey Eating 2006

I've decided homecookin tastes best when minimal manpower is needed for production. Unless there's a good manpower/cupofsugarpower ratio ;-) -- count on phu for these things.

We had the turkey + trimmings as usual and phu made some procedure intensive drool producing dessert called cherry berries on a cloud. I made green beanage thingy with cream o mushroom soup. I heart the mushroom. Mom finished off the holiday cooking with her eggroll goodness. I thought about bringing some home, but I feared them being declared too juicy to fly and would be confiscated by the airport. These people question mascara.

Spent the last bit of the week's end with Nicholas. He was down to see family - they kindly let me steal him away for his last 23 hours in town. Got to meet the sister and her husband and see his mom and dad again at dinner. I love his family. He took me to Todai for lunch on Saturday - I think I ate enough for the week. I've also decided I do not like airports. They make me sad.

And this afternoon was Tree Trimming @ Sonia's with J&A and Sonia's friend. (J&A should post pictures *hint*) I really like this idea of feasting and decorating!! Having a home and decorating and being domestic is becoming attractive...Maybe because shopping is involved. hmmm.

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