Wednesday, November 1, 2006

All the rave/slave to fashion

S and I attempted some window shopping Monday, but we were foiled by the early closings of the stores with the shiny goodness. So making the most of the trip, we went to Saks so I could pick up some froo froo nail polish.

The lady at the Chanel counter was very happy to see me and asked if I was there for Black Satin. Indeed, I was not. I just wanted my mid 90's favorite: Vaaaamp. Was I sure? Oh, I was sure. Because she just got it in. Well that's great, just the one please. But it's been sold out all over the nation, and we just got this order in, and you haaave to have it. Yeah, just the one please. You know, she says, I've gotten calls from New York and San Fransisco asking me if I have the black. Uh-huh. And it's going on E-bay for $100 a bottle. I raise an eyebrow. Surely, yes, but just the one please. It is a limited edition. Great, so I don't have to go through all of this next time.

She hands me my bottle of nostalgic dark purpley nail goo and I head out to pay. The woman ringing up continues to tell me I needed other things from names I've never heard of. Even more annoying, she had an undecipherable none descript slur and I had to keep asking what the hell she was saying. There's always one person at the counter with a poor attempt at a shee shee froo froo pseudo euro accent and this was her. Thank gawd her phone rang.

Like every good entarweb dependent person, I got home and looked up this famed nail color....
These little $18 bottles were going for $70-$100. People, it's black nail polish. Take your $5 bill and buy a can of high quality Rust-oleum black protective enamel. It'll last longer.

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