Thursday, October 26, 2006

Five Minutes.

A lady stopped by my office today. I had met her last week while I was visiting her department. She asked me how to pronounce my name. From there we talked about where I was from and what brought me to the firm. She looked at the two certificates I had on my shelf from a school organization I did some work for. There was a look of puzzlement and disbelief. How is it that I am working in a civil firm when my educational background was in mechanical engineering? To her, the two were dissimilar enough to question perhaps my knowledge and expertise. I assured her that while my interests and schooling cover a broad spectrum, I felt that I was capable of learning and applying what I had learned in school in my new field. I guess some of that disbelief melted away when I told her I was 31 and listed off a couple of the jobs I have had. Amazing what you can learn about a person in five minutes, she said.

When she walked away, I couldn't help but think that somewhere in the back of her mind she was wondering how long I would last. Is this place just a train stop for me until I find something else that fit along with my major? Why would this firm take a chance on me fleeing by hiring me at all? Does anybody else wonder the same about me as well?

A good friend and collegue many years ago in Austin, told me before I left, that he saw great things coming from me. That I was an anomaly. That I would become that somebody. And he would be proud of me. Wait, he said. Wait and you'll see.

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Rafael said...

It is indeed amazing what you can learn in 5 minutes. 5 minutes is a long time