Monday, October 16, 2006

bus drivers and kindess

On my way to work, I pass by a school. This morning, a school bus pulled out of the gated driveway. The driver seem mighty annoyed that at 8 am, people would infact be driving on the main road and threw his hands up in the air in protest. As we were all stopped waiting for the one light between me and my office, the busdriver inched in way into the imaginary space between the car in front of me and the car in front of it. He honked, he swore, he made angry faces. I double checked, the school was a St. Who-somebody or another. Surely he wasn't talking to God. But by some miracle above, he squeezed passed, crossed over yet another lane, and made his turn. Thankfully, not in the direction I was heading.

As I reached my office, I turned into the side street and waited as the entrance to my parking lot was blocked by people in the on coming traffic lane. I stared in awe at the gigantor shiny spinners on the bleach white explursion in front of my entrance and "oooooo"-ed to myself. Then all of the sudden, the explursion moved backwards, while the spining things were still spining forward, to let me into the parking lot. I drove on through and waved to the seemingly non-existent driver behind the black windshield.

Lesson for today: 1) not all bus drivers are smiley happy people. 2) not all explursions with spinners are gonna pop a cap in your ass.

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