Thursday, September 14, 2006


College kiddos and recent alumni know theFacebook, which I call theFace. It's the MySpace / Friendster thing for students and recent students. And they're wanting to expand to the "rest of the world". I am only writing to share my thoughts. And here they are:

I joined to keep tabs on my collegiate buddies. Ones with aspirations for degrees. Translates to: potential stalkings by educated pedofiles.
I joined Friendster because it was the first of its kind. The better of its kind. Which translates to: potential stalkings by oldskool pedofiles.
I joined MySpace because I was bored. And it's annoying. And this translates to: a pedofile free for all. So I rarely check in.

Facebook, if you google and find this post, keep the value of your site and don't add the undereducated stalkers, I can get them anywhere. Seriously.

Plus, I put all my stalkergoodness right here at home on Stalk thy less than threes* out.

*heart = less than three = <3

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