Monday, August 28, 2006

Too Much :: Not Enough

Amazingly, I have 6 wardrobe boxes of clothes. But not enough that fit me in my enlarged state.
In the 6 wardrobe boxes, none of them are underthings.
For the first time since living at home, I have a washing machine. And it's still not working.
I have found my sunglasses. Under a stack of books.
I unpacked 2/3rds of one box today.
But I also built my desk. Get this: In an area no bigger than the desk itself! Not kidding:

I am Ninja.


TheQuotient said...

You are ninja.

kentares said...

How did you get that high to take the picture? Jump or Spider-man style with the Peter Parker camera?

Tygriss said...

Ninja, just ninja.