Tuesday, August 8, 2006


For the first time in ages I woke up before my alarm clock well rested and ready to greet the day. I had spent the night in a familiar bed in the comfort of my best friends' house with the kitties - mine and theirs. The sun was just light enough to see, the very warm and very flat cellphone said it was 7:15, and it was going to be good. Because I was going to curl up with the blankie and roll over to reassess the whole getting up early thing.

But the blankie was cold and rank the familiar smell of ''oh yes i did". Just minutes before opening my eyes, a bladder full of sleep ripened piss blessed the end of the bed where the comforters and congregated overnight. The bladder was of unknown furry origin and may have belonged to someone who was angry that I decided to come back into his life, or someone who was angry that I was in their bed. I do not know. I do know, however, the door to the room in which I sleep will infact remain closed during the night. It sounds bad, but I am used to it. Even more sad, I know J&A are used to it as they've been kitty sitting my furry poo machines for the past 7 months.

The fur balls are happy it seems. Peanut, aka Tchaikovski, aka Box o' Rocks has grown up quite a bit. I missed his kitten stage and now have him in the akward stage of not-really-sure-how-this-works. I call him "ninja" - with the quotes - because he thinks no one can see him and he lacks any form of grace. Vivi on the other hand has gotten older. And by older, I mean old man old. Like, if he were Chinese, you'd smell the tiger balm emminating from his general vicinity. He also has a touch of arthritis it would seem. And stress induced irritable bowel syndrome. When J&A told me about the arthritis, I had to fight hard not to cry. My little ball of fur has arthritis! He's an old man! He'll need a wheel chair! He'll be cast into Aleve commercials! Nooooes! But Vivi is still very normal and has many years left in him, they assure me.

In the bigger fishbowl that is my existence, I've finally settled in a more permanent window sill with a decent view of things other than the Rockies. I am now in the great city that is Hieuston with it's ugly traffic and torrential rains and sushi. Note the sushi. Yes. This is important. This will be the week for recouping, relaxing, re-Tetrising theLoad, and readjusting to a life with fur.

Have I mentioned that I hate moving. I dislike relocating of any kind. The past 7 months, my "life" has been in the trunk of my car. It is the longest I've ever spent "relocating". I shall not wish it on anyone. I dare say it is worse that awaking* late for work to find a mass of viscous poo in your shoes. And now story time is over. I have updated you, dear reader. Go enjoy the rest of day. Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time.

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*It is true, bad things happen in multiples, waking up is usually one of them. Then again, I heart sleep.

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