Sunday, August 27, 2006

Everything and All at Once. Minus One Box.

In the span of exactly one and a half weeks, I have done and survived the following:

  • Last week I started the new Jobby Job. It had that 1st day of school feeling with all the new people, my own desk, and new shoes.
  • About the new shoes. By some magic involving feet faries, there is a shoe company by the name of Dansko that makes these fantasmic* shoes for previously unhappy feeties. And lets not forget Acorn Earth who's fuzzy slippers with chooshie insides are every toes wildest dreams.
  • And speaking of dreams - I now live in my dream apartment compelte with hardwood floors (laminate), unusually large bathroom with garden tub, vaulted ceilings, and a washer and dryer.
  • My washer, I am just how finding out, does not work. Le Argh!
  • I wouldn't be living in my new place if it wasn't for Nicholas! He flew in on Friday just in time to spend the night on my newly shampooed carpet and helped the movers haul my 4.5K lbs of stuff up to my penthouse abode in the sky. Mmmm, yeah, there were no elevators. He's also responsible for furniture assembly and unpacking a good 20% of my boxes!
  • K'Nerts, one of Nicholas' friends, and now my friend, drove up to help with a much anticipated IKEA run and hauling of my things up these stairs.
  • While Nicholas was down for the week, I got to live my very own Meet the Fosters. And you can find it in the Comedy section. We ate at Cyclone Anaya's with his parents on Saturday, Chili's on Sunday with his grandparents, and Tommaso's with his aunt and uncle.
  • On the eating out list, we also ate at Bennigans and Wolfgang Puck's with K'Nerts and theDarkLord. Wolfgang's was pretty darn good! Nicholas and I also cooked dinner for A&J which consisted of my favorite appetizer from Curry Manor and a very special Alton Brown steak recipe.
  • Survived trip(s) to: Ross (1), IKEA (3), Willams and Sonoma (1), Central Market (1), Alvin (1) and ClearLake (n+1).
  • And finally, out of 142 boxes, the movers "misplaced" only one of my liquor boxes. *shaking angry fists to the sky*

* fantasmic - [fan.tas.mic] (adj.) - fantastic + orgasmic

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Anonymous said...

kentares - Yay, your moved in, and I have been up to your apartment enough that I can drive it blindfolded. haha. good night.