Saturday, July 8, 2006

Awesome and the Not So Awesome

I start with the Awesome. My new phone came in today. After much research, I decided on the Samsung Blade to replace my three year old Nokia. Loved my Nokia, it took many great falls, being slept on, being yelled into, toted across the country, lost in the bottom of many purses and backpacks, it's survived three skins, it's done well. But it is time for the poor thing to rest.

Tokyo Drift on the otherhand, not so awesome. So much so I left after 10 minutes. Thankfully, I didn't spend any money, but instead watched it on the drive in screen from the parking lot of the hotel. What made me leave was the guy's twang. Who casts an actor and lets them talk on screen with a speech impedement that reaches through one's skull and squeezes the juice out of the cerebrum?? I think he was supposed to sound like a good ole' southern mama's boy. He sounds like death. But then again, so does some country least to me.

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