Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Parting Gift

Parting Gift
Parting Gift,
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(warning - extreme amount of sarcasm)

3 hours before Ali and I had planned to leave the gracious land of Tulsa after a 2 month stay, a kind resident left me a parting gift. Obviously from a secret admirer as there was no thank you note. They did however, clean up any glass that may have been left on the ground. You know, incase I were to walk around barefooted.

There was one lovely hotel security guy who calmed my nerves with his condecending words reaffirming my stupidity in just how possibly such a thing could happen. I learned from this man, we'll call him James as that is his real name, that cars do NOT, infact, drive in reverse. And there was no way it could have happened. At all. Fancy that.

Luckily, the Holiday Inn Select being Select as it is, has security cameras - oh no. Just kidding. They're used to these things happening - no need for the instant replay. Like when Ali's jeep tire being removed for her pleasure in the wee hours (sometime between 8am-6pm) of the working day, they told her *afterwards* she may want to lock it down. Good job, folks.

It's a couple of days later, and I have slept some, but the ouchie still is raw on my mind. I would like to advise to anyone traveling through Oklahoma:

1) Bring cash, there are toll roads, and they don't tell you until it's too late.
2) Don't park at the Holiday Inn Select in Tulsa if you drive a Jeep with a spare tire on the rear, or heck, drive a car at all.
3) BYOST - Bring your own State Trooper, preferably from Texas. They know what's goin on.

That is all.


Rafael said...

Fuckin Oklahoma

Jay said...

I'm sorry that really sucks