Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello Again

Since we last talked, dear reader....

My Camry is back to her* beautiful self. Everything is none broken, and both eyeballs are shining and bright. Speaking of eyeballs. The optometrist discovered that the red puffyness and the conjunctivitis I was experiencing the past four weeks was due to a laceration on my eyeball. And now I have an ulcer. Yes, on my eyeball. The scratch, now going back a few weeks, had come from run-away fly ash from our pumping class in Kellyville. Workman's comp, I say. Let's see what theCompany says. And since we mentioned work, I am back in Utah. But now, with no place to live**.

On the fun side, I have a new iPod Shuffle courtesy of theCompany. I like the smallness. And small is good.

I have also discovered Steal This Comic and I've used it to make fun of my friends. I saw Nick before I had to drive back and met Gizmo, his roomate's delinquent cat in need of a neutering***.

I dread waking up in the morning, but going to bed is good - I get to talk to Nick on the phone, which is what I need to be doing now. :-) Good night, dear readers.

*the camry is a "her". her name is diana.
**can't afford a $210K house on my salary, will not live in a trailer, and i'll be damned if i'm going to live with guys who work in the oil field.
***gizmo has a peeing/pooping problem. mostly due to the roomates cheapness to not get the neutering or care in general.

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