Tuesday, June 27, 2006

elements of an unhappy day

So I come in from a jobby job at 10 this morning. Been out all night. I'm not a night owl when math and braun are part of the agenda. Shooting pool and clubbing maybe, but not so much on the math. Surprising it is for some people that when I stroll on in the office at 10 after watching the sun go down and then come up that punching me in the shoulder results in the GoTaHell(TM) glare.

Oh yeah.... Why is it hotels give you "do not disturb" signs when they themselves can't read them? I'm awake now because some bright cookies wanted to know if I would like my bedsheets changed. They also got the GTH glare.

One good thing: I brought home ear plugs. Happy sleepy time for me.

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