Monday, May 29, 2006

Munkie at the Toad House

Munkie at the Toad House
Munkie at the Toad House,
originally uploaded by Tygriss.
A day at the zoo staring at other monkies reminded me how lucky i am not to have a huge fleshy buttocks that sways nekkid in the wind as I waddle across my cage. It also made me glad that my Munkie didn't have a fleshy buttocks. He sleeps with me you know. Waking up to a fleshly stuffed buttocks would be just too wierd. It would also be wierd to wake up in a cage.


Rafael said...

Another good thing about Munkie, is that he doesn’t fling poo... or does he?

Tygriss said...

He doesn't fling the poo :-) He's a very peaceful monkey. If anything he does the silent fart thing. But I never really know if it's him. He can be very ninja like that.