Monday, May 29, 2006

May Post

aka: the bloggieblog for the month of may.

So, I'm in Tulsa, still. For two more weeks. School is school. Learning a lot, just not doing as well as I should be. A lot of that is just it being okrahoma. ::shrug::

This month, Nicholas and I shared sushi to commemorate our sixthmonthaversary! We went to Fuji on Peoria (probably THE best sushi in Tulsa) and had Andy's A.D.D roll and the XO. As there is rarely a dull moment with Nick, we made toothpick men while waiting for the bill :-)

Wealso visited the Oral Roberts University campus and took pictures with the hands.

It was such a relief to see him again! There's nothing like a familiar face and a good strong hug to make all the ickiness of 12 hour work days melt away :-). Once school is over, I will do a stop over and visit the family and Nick again before heading back to the mountains.

Judy and Allen have been providing the very appreciated room and boarding of my Vivi and little Peanut. They're doing quite well and are very spoiled. Vivi's trying to take the old man's approach to living and once in a while decides to have a weak bladder and pees in places. Peanut just gets more and more special as the days go by. He prefers the dryer as his base of operations and when he can ninja his way in with a load, attempts to defy time and space with the socks and goes for a ride. Enter Evidence A, your honor.

Somewhere in between I got a tad bit sick and had to miss two days of school for a bronchial infection that closely resembled p-new-monia. And now my left eyeball is all kinds of feeling puffy and not so good, so I get to check on that.

Today, though, I spent my Sunday at the Tulsa Zoo. It would seem that the kitties had the same idea I had this morning, and slept in!

Ofcourse, Munkie joined me on all the major trips and took pictures as well. All these and other pictures can be found on my Flickr site.

Apologies for the lack of updates, I will make an attempt to update more often. Till then, enjoy the pictures at


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