Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Little Things

Living in a hotel has it's perks: consistenly clean towels ready for use, freshly bleached tub, and a well made bed tucked in all nice at the corners. But there's nothing like coming home to a gigantic piece of really good left over prime rib... and having to eat it with your 1.5" pocket knife.


Yesterday, I saw rain for the first time in over a month and a half. The air was pleasantly cool with just enough moisture to pick up that oddly refreshing asphalt and soil smell. It reminded me of early mornings waiting for the bus stop. Good times.


I find that I'm calling my mom and dad more often than I did in school. Which is always good. I really miss my kittens. I miss Vivi holding my arms when we'd sleep at night. And I'm missing watching theLittleOne grow up. Once the 6 months of hell are over, I'll be scooping poop and we'll all be very happy together.


I'm taking roadtrips on my days off, when I get them. Once I get time to do things other than catch sleep, I will post them. Oh, and there are postcards as well. Hmm.

::eyeing TODO list::

And Nick has been extremely helpful. He calls me just about every night and I get to vent about the cold and the occassional peoples. More importantly, he makes me laugh. Or like the night before, there was talk of skin grafts that made me cringe (he had a rockwall climbing incident involving his fingers and accidental removal of skin tissue). Silly boy. There's something about being important to someone else that makes the bad days seem not so bad anymore.


Work at 3am.


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