Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

For Valentines, I give you flying cats.

My lack of posts indicates:
a) Work is eating my soul, but paying me enough not to complain
b) I'm always at work and come back to the hotel to eat and sleep and very little else
c) I fear sleep for my phone will ring to call me in at 2am
d) I'd rather spend what free time i have sleeping
e) I've lost my appendages due to hypothermia
f) all of the above


kentares said...

hey hey hey hey hey... "eating my soul", "eating of souls" is copyrighted / Kentares Inc.

I need a penny for each time it is used or I will have to sick my lawyers on you. Paypal will be accepted.

Tygriss said...

My band of Ebola Monkey Ninja Pirates (EMNP LTD.) can kick your lawyers asses.