Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Random Six

6 RanDom ThinGs about me:

  1. When I introduce myself, I often find myself saying, "Hi, my name is Hieu. .. As in Heffner." Otherwise people think I'm saying, "Q" or they say "oh Hue, as in the color!" There is no color hue. Hue is color.
  2. I crave Mountain Dew. Code Red. Not so much the GreenDew. Though Nick craves the GreenDew and drinks it like most normal people drink water. The best days are when I can find Code Red in Slurpee form.
  3. I use peppermint oil soaps and flavored lipglosses, but I don't like restaruant peppermints... unless they're swirled with chocolate.
  4. I wear sambas. 80% of the time, they're untied.
  5. I have a habit of animating inanimate objects. For instance, I'll blame a blanket for luring me back into bed. Or thanking my car for getting me out from behind a smelly truck.
  6. I am strangely drawn to Nick's chops. Whenever I can catch him off guard, I will run my lips over them and nibble on his jaw.
I tag: Sam, k'Nerts, Raf, Skitch, J&AinH, and JOSH! Post 6 random things about yourselves.