Friday, January 6, 2006


The Migration into theWorkingWorld(TM) has begun.

Things are being packed, bills are being paid, boyfriend is being kissed, clothes are being laundered, and kitties have been placed in an interim homestead with other kitties that look just like them, but bigger.

Vivi is adjusting. Or perhaps causing the others to adjust. To his undying need to be the head of household. He is a crotchety old man. But I love him. And will miss him terribly. The little guy is doing much better. Lots of carrying him around and hugging him against his will has made him soft and easy for peoples to carry him around. But lawd-o-mighty does he drop some mighty gass bombs from the back end. Suffocation by flatulations, my friends. Potent, my little peanut's ass is.

Z is going to make her way to Santa Fe thru Lubbock sometime this weekend. It'll be good to see her again before I take off for the workie work. So until then, I'm doing some massive cleaning and lounging around.

I apologize now for the lack of updates as the network at Nicks is horrendously slow and picky as to which sites it will load. Curses.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, George's dog farts a lot too.

The Dark Lord said...

Use a different DNS server, ms I coded for OSX =OP

Tygriss said...

so...hacking into the router to reset it solved the problem.